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Anyone studying for IELTS?





Hi Mavis,


I am an IELTS teacher/assessor. I specialize in IELTS reading skills.

I'm trying but I have to study on my own.

My weakness is speaking and writing..i want to improve it and above 6.5 score.

i am studying by myself.

im planning to pass IELTS test  in the future too :-) but im learning just  myself. Im looking for some teacher who is specialized into teaching students and preparing them right for IELTS. 

Yes, me either, but i've not taken it yet. Which one is difficult? IELTS or TOEFL?


Me,and i'm going to study a global program and Australia is one of my destination,but Mr.Blake i hear that there will have many complicated things for international students to learn there,:(

If i have any question,don't you mind? :D


TOEFL is the certificate spent for international student who want to study in the USA,and this certificate is accepted by international education.

IELTS is the certificate created by British Council,and as i know IELTS is better then TOEFL,:)


me and i study on my own

I began study TOEFL of Barron's a week ago.

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