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Try to imagine any some  happy day in your life you got... it can be your birthday, your personal succes doesnt matter whether in your private or proffesional life. and....   you are going to celebrate.What sort of celebration do you enjoy the most? WHat kind of celebration do you prefer ?  for instance with your family., friends., alone? how do you celebrate?  drinking ? staying sober?taking drungs? doing your favourite hobby or rather  alone maybe with just  closest relatives? 

What is your the best experience? or maybe some unusual one?  

Im curious of your answer.:-p




In Russia we often drink vodka. 

Pavel do you drink vodka  as well right ? if so  did you find it as the good mean of getting celebration even more funny and enjoying ? 

I think the way we celebrate depends on our cultural context and believes. For example, in my Country, Colombia, most people celebrate dancing, drinking beer or a special drinking made of anise called Aguardiente; and eating with friends and relatives all night until the sunrise :D Meanwhile, depending on the believes, like christians, they celebrate in families with friends eating with soft drinks. In general, colombians don't like to celebrate alone, we believe: more people, more fun. And music and dancing are so important in our culture. In my case, i prefer the first one ;) 

I prefer to hold a simple yet significant celebration party . I hope all of my best friends and relatives can take part in the celebration . In terms of patterns of celebration , I think it varies according to your circumstances  . The sticking point is whom you are going to celebrate with but what kind of celebration you want to hold. I hope the celebration can be more energetic instead of utterly static . To sing songs with your friends in Karake is a fascinating and cool celebration .  Anyway , you may take any sorts of celebration only if you like .

Imagine that I'm being with my family and my beloved friends with my hyperactive dogs(wondering what makes them never stop playing around - -"), and we celebrate together in a peaceful garden near the beach. Umm we're probably having a barbecue party. Paradise!:D

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