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Resting the mind

How often do you get to rest your mind during the day?




My first thought was to answer "not enough".  When I really think about it, I suppose I try to take two or three breaks during the day and focus on something simple, enjoying a cup of tea for example.

Kelly, when we taste something delicious, I think that is relaxing for body and mind.

Aha, sometimes when I am tired, I will have a rest anytime. However, I have to do lots of things, I have not enough time to rest my mind. So, when I can not persist, I will put down the unimportant thing to make sure the improtant thing can be finished.

Hello, Sonia :)


I try to rest my mind at least one time a day (night excluded), letting all the noise of my brain to lower, sometimes I feel that I need "physically" this kind of mental decompression.

Hello Elisa, how are you? Sometimes we need a break during the day for strengthen us and continue our work.

hi! :)

that's a really great question! 

my "ritual" is to put some calm music, close my eys and try to empty my mind.

i think it would be very interesting if they teach things like that at school. 


have a good night! 

Idris, you're right. In schools they should teache relaxation techniques for people have a better quality of life.


Good night for you too.

hola Sonia!


i think it's time for school to stop focuing just on providing information or knowledge, because access to information is now easier than ever. cooking (yes cooking! :D) is also among the skills that i think would be very useful and can really help kids/students gain self confidence. 

maybe what i said is a little off topic, but there are a lot of simple steps that can make our life much better, and meditation/relaxation is definitely one of the most important.


have a good day

Hello Sonia.

I think it,s necesary for all the people to have a few relaxing time, during your work time, during your kids time but not alwais it,s posible and this get us more old I mead.

Sory for my inglesh but I hope you can understand what I want to say.


Unfortunately, my mind never rests. :-(

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