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Where can i watch spanish and latin american tv series or drama series online ?

I don't mind downloading them as torrents. With english subtitles it would be awesome. Any website links wouuld be awsome?



¿Dónde puedo ver series de televisión españolas y de América Latina o de series de ficción en línea? No me importa que descargarlos como torrentes. Con subtítulos en inglés que sería increíble. Los enlaces a sitios web wouuld ser impresionante?

Holy shit..!!! Thanks chinh :D

I always knew about Dramafever and Viki but i guess i presumed they were strictly for Asian drama... :P guess i was wrong. Thanks a lot, I totally appreciate it.

Let's go here

You can find tv series in Spanish.  



Dice que sólo por invitación. ¿Es usted miembro de ese sitio web? Yo realmente apreciaría si me puede enviar una invitación. Por favor ... : (

 It says by invitation only. Are you a member of that website ? I would really appretiate it if you can send me an invitation. Please... :(

hola aqui hay un canal de argentina :

telefe es otro :

aqui hay muchos para elegir:


todos los canales son argentinos

I've been watching this:


It's free and has English subtitles. The first episode is pretty brutal though!


I was also going to suggest Drama Fever. I just finished watching Missing, and have now started watching The Escape. Both interesting shows!

Si buscas en Youtube por Televisión Chilena, podrás encontrar varios videos cortos, fáciles de entender. El acento no es muy marcado. 

If you want an advice, you can use "Hola unblocker" in Netflix or something like that and you'll browse in the others contries sites. PS. If you want to learn spanish as good don't watch mexican TVnovels I think they stink hahaha. I'm venezuelan.


The spanish series aren't very good and it's difficult that you find a spanish serie with english subtitles. I think the best you can do is see an american serie dubbed into Spanish, for example: two and half men, friends, the big bang theory...Spanish voice actors are very good.

I recommended to you this webside:

See you soon.

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