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Which animals are you afraid of?

Talk about your experinces



People :)

I find all kind of insects quite frightening too. Cockroaches, YUUUCK

As far as I'm concerned I'm not afraid of insects at all but I'm afraid i can't say the same as dogs

I'm just afraid of dogs. it is phobia.

Dogs!! No way!

Any bad experience in your childhood?

I am afraid of scorpios. I can't stand them. The other insects like spiders and other ones seem to be innocent creatures..... Ups, I almost forget. Bats are awful too!

 your quite right Profiria,I have bad  childhood memories of dogs. On one occasion a dog tried to bite me, and from that moment on I'm afraid of dogs.

In my opinion,Scorpios or for ex Cockroaches are awful too but dogs are something different

Bats are cute, in my opinion. Strangely cute.

i afraid of tiger even in tv :)


İn my childhood, snakes are my mate.



cockroaches and spiders!

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