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Does anyone know the best way to master spoken English without language partner?

I've been practicing on speaking skill for year but i have just a few language partners and I rarely talk to them because of different Timezone but I keep watching movies and try to mimic the way they speak. I also practice listening and reading skills hoping they will help my speaking as well. 


How about you guys? Do you have your own way improving your spoken english without language partner? 



You can imagine that you are speaking to someone and create a dialog in your mind.

Your brain can not tell the difference but you can practise anytime anywhere.

I Just messaged you .. :P

There is no best alternative to " Talking with people". The best alternative i can think of is pausing the video and replying to the Movie character's dialogues ... :P Which would be SOMETHING..!!!! But common who are kidding here.. o.O In the long run you need people to talk to... 

Watching movies, American series and some videos. That's what I do recently:)


Well it is better speaking or practising language with a language partner, but without language partner its going to take time to improve any language.

I usually go for podcast or buy a language learning book or see videos relating the language I want to learn.

YOu can practise english with me if you want to :)

yeah..I agree with you guys. I've done all of above in the same time so I don't know which way is the best lol. I think we have to activate every brain sections which ralated to language and integrate all of skills so that you can  process and use it fluenly.


Try an exercise called self-talk. It involves talking to yourself, as you might have guessed from the name. :) Self-talk is an effective method of improving speaking ability (both pronunciation and fluency).


First, find a story you like in a newspaper, magazine, TV show, youtube, etc. Read the story or watch the video. Look up important words in a dictionary.

Then, tell the story in your own words. Pretend someone is listening to you as you speak. If you suddenly stop when saying a sentence because you don't know what word to use or how to pronounce it, look it up in a dictionary or online. Then say the sentence again and again until you are comfortable with it.

Finally, tell the story to a real person. This step is helpful, but not necessary.


You can read about this exercise in more detail on this blog:

it had difficulty speaking english without partner; so, I want to have a partner :). hope you will help me :)



Hi Nutjaya,


If you want we can talk, the timezone will not be a problem since I am in Bangkok.


I agree that talking to a language partner is the best way.

At the university we retold different stories, read mass media articles or listened to news and retold them, prepared topics for discussion and discussed them. I believe it's a good thing to read articles and then retell and discuss them.

Watching movies and listening to songs, singing them are wonderful ways to develop your listening and speaking skills.

To find a good parter or wanderful tutor is so difficult.

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