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Why do you want to study English?


We all have a purpose in doing what we do. What made you want to learn the English language? Share your thoughts with us and let us know your goals. Enjoy learning and take care!



I learning english because most my source study is English and also I like to conversation with other countries people and know about culture of them.

At very beginning,the goal of learning English is only wants to pass exams.

but when I realized english is a tool which use to communicate with people around the world,I thought I shold pay more attention to study it.Although it's very hard for me ,I enjoy the process.


Very interesting responses indeed. Learning languages is like bridge linking all cultures together.

It's Alright, Lioyd.



I'm learning English because it's necessary a certain level to finish my career as Primary Teacher of a foreign language: English; I like the English language, now I'm at B1 level and I'm improving it until I achieve at least B2 level.

My future plans are in construction...maybe my future is in the UK, USA, Italy...I'm not sure! So the better thing I can do is to study English as much as I can and in this way my expectations will increase!

I hope I haven't made many mistakes! Sorry if I did it! 

Best regards,


i study it because i will go to australia to studying , formal language there is english .

When you know english language, the World hangs open. ;)


What are your goals in learning the English language?

To be able to communicate with foreigners.

I just wish English had a unique pronunciation.

communicate with foreign people .i wanna find a foreigner as my boyfriend

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