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What makes you happy? :)

Happiness is so interesting, because we all have different ideas about what it is and how to get it.. What makes you to feel this feeling? Can it be a good conversation with a great person, or just good prepared coffee makes you feel better? :) What it can be for you??



Pretty much if nothing us making me sad or mad, the I am happy. I like to stay happy most of the time because life is too short to feel otherwise. Right now my coffee is making me happy :)

i think it's really difficult to tell what makes me happy mostly depends on the situation and the mood.

I feel so happy when I can sleep a lot. xD

Good music, coffee, making others happy, traveling :)

just simple things..^^

i will make a list :


1- special songs 

2- happy event for someone i love 

3- bad event for someone i hate

4- the laugh of my baby girl :) 

5- swimming 

6- reading 

7- drinking beer with friends 



hope your life will be full of happy moments 



you :)

what make you happy? hımmm ... dance, music ,new people sc. everything 

When I learn new things,

when I make a good impression with a friend

when I see my parents happiness

when I reach to my goals

when I buy presents for my important people and when I receive some small presents from them

when I meet a special person

when I make my relationship deeper with someone whom I love,

when I go to mountains

when my mother comes into my room with two cups of tea and talks to me

when I walk alone in the rain or in a snowy day 

when I eat icecream and watch movie and talk and even take silence with my bestfriend

when I cook with my sister (in fact she cooks and I eat :D)

when I solve puzzles

when I play chess specially when I win :D

when I'm alone in my room and do my favorites activities (watching movies, reading books, listening to musics, thinking...)

when I prepare myself for a travel

when I see my friends's and my family's success

when I feel self confidence

when I see peace between people

I feel happy :)

Hello everybody, I am very happy when I relax and don't think in the problems.

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