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Why some people here are more popular then other? Some people here have a lot of followers. It's strange because most of this followers do not care about language exchange. Why people here want to make friends, instead of learning?




I guess some people are confused about the purpose of this site.  They confuse it with a social networking site and not a forum for learning and language exchange.  I understand your frustration.

I think they did't know how to using itlaki .. like me :D

"Why are some people here more popular than others?" and "It's strange because most of THESE followers..." I'm sure you can see the difference but I put in bold-font anyway.

I have seen many women has a lot of followers and they have many correction in their notes or comments.

If you want to pick up the real partners who want to learn English , you may see their record . <--like this


Check this guy if he/she is aiming on language learning chiefly instead of making friends . Make sure his/her remark is to look for language partner , then add him/her . Anyway , be certain to click the right man you want . As for numerous followers , pay less concentration on them , they do not matter a lot. 

I have created my profile in this site recently. It's an ordinary issue that men usually seek for women and vise versa. The point is in on the characteristic of men and women. I believe, men are facing easier than women in following subject, and because of this fact you can find more follower in women's profiles. On the other side peoples activies are so important. For example I have never follow some one who have not connected for one or two last monthes.

I just saw your profile and you have more than 800 followers here
Why do they follow you?Do they need your help in learning polish?
Or maybe you often participate in all that discussions,etc
Any way,could you pls share a secret of being so popular here?


I don't know maybe they are great people :)

Tanya, maybe 10 from these 800 people want learn Polish :D I don't have secret, I'm rude, grim, cold and sarcastic person, but maybe people like it ;)

Alex, thank you :)

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