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Some Questions About Landscape Architecture


There are three questions for me , could you please do my favor to make my answers more traditionally? Thank U !


1. How do you prepare for thetest and interview ?


I prepared the interview for a long time . Ihave done 2 things in total .

Firstly , practice my drawing skill for thetest this morning . I have not learn the fast drawing during my summer vacation, so I have to practice it during last days . Watching the designs which are inthe books and magazines , thinking about what are the main ideas of these designs, then designing some project by myself . After the practice ,I havelearned a lot and improved myself a lot .


Secondly , just practice my speaking Englishand learn more about the key words that wanted in our major . English is veryimportant nowadays , I have realized the importance of English .


2. What do you know aboutlandscape architecture ?


As far as I know , LA is a new subjectwhich has a lot of difference between Architecture and urban planning . Theyhave became the three coordinate subject . Compared with other two , LA is moreof an emphasis on ecological aspects . we have to learn about the tree’s characteristicsand think about how to use them in my design . Nowadays , ecological protectionis urgent so there is no doubt that LA will become more and more important inthe future .


3. What's your plan in thegraduate student stage ?


It is a further studying . I know about LAis only skin deep by now , I am lack of knowledge and need someone to help meto improve my skills . So during my graduate student stage , I will study more designsof the experts and read more professional books about LA to deep my own idea .At the same time , I will take more projects if possible and learn from the practice. In a word , I will try my best to improve myself in practice and theories .



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