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How do we discover the purpose of our existence?





   When a person   draws closer to God, through prayer,  the Mind of God   enters into the person.

Thus, the person  "know"  things that would otherwise be unknown to them.


    Thus, being acquainted with the Will of God and the Mind of God, a person is guided toward

God's purpose for them.




 Alternatively,   questions about a  Purpose of an Existence, outside the context of a God,

are meaningless anyway, because there is no evidence showing that  a "purpose" exists  beyond the context of a  God.



Why must our existence have a purpose? It is for you to decide what purpose to give it, if any at all.

Did you see my reference to existentialism? Check out those philosophers if you have interest in these this kind of things.

If you were to study and observe the nature and behavior of living beings, then you will discover that life has no greater purpose than simply following one's natural instincts for self-preservation and the preservation of one's own species or the propagation of one's genes. 



The purpose of your life is set by what you want from your life. 

@Bruce, I totally agree with you. Getting close to God helps you find out about your destiny and fulfill it.

Shill66, I said "it is for you to decide what purpose to give it".


Also, please be "civil". Talking about someone being sent to Hell for not believing in God is no different from me proposing you should be waterboarded until your delusion is washed away.

Shill66 ...  I'd say that sex is a reason for your existence.  You exist because your mother was f*cked nine months before you were born.   ...  :P 

Shill66 ...  You're the one who started to get personal and pissed off when you stated that I was going to be sent to Hell.  Also, I've never stated that humans evolved from apes.  I've stated and presented some of the evidence that humans ( highly evolved apes ) and monkeys had evolved seperately from a common ape-like ancestor.  If you are ignorant about how evolution works, then I suggest you go back to school and get a decent education. 

There is no purpose.


How do you know that you actually do exist? Maybe you are just in a sort of dream. And if you don't even exist, then it is literally impossible to have a purpose. 

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