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Which USA states do you want to live?

İ want to go to USA for two years but i cant make decision which state i live. Some states are very expensive like california, the others have disadvantages cold or hot.İ am married and İ have two child. What is your advice about? 



Texas. because i like Houston

Do you know Portland?

i heard Austin is a nice city.

Do you know Austin?

Austin is a great city, in my opinion.  Lots to do, very pretty, and a reasonable cost of living.  The only bad parts are bad traffic at times, and it is quite hot in the summer.

Thanks Terry,


İn which city you live?

Do you advice it?

Around Dallas.  It all depends on what you are looking for.  Like most big cities there are lots of cultural events, sporting events, etc.  Also it is fairly inexpensive to live here compared to many places in the US.


However, almost all of Texas is flat, so if you are looking to be close to mountains, this is not the place to be. 

Yes, look.

Let me explain my priorities.

Firstly it must be cheap. My income is limited. İ dont want to pay for house above 800 dollar.

Secondly i have a family and i want their happiness. İn city there must be place which we enjoy like zoo, disney, childpark.


And İ like nature and travel. İn free times want to go fishing and biking. The city which live must submit them for me.

I would say somewhere in the Pacific Northwest if possible. Portland or Bend Oregon. Also anywhere around Seattle or Tacoma washington. Seattle isn't cheap but maybe half an hour a way. Another good choice is around Salt Lake City Utah.

Thank you Guys.

İ heard that North Carolina is very cheap and beatiful. 

Oregon is the best state, in my opinion. It is the cheapest west-coast city and absolutely goregous. There is always something to do outdoors in Oregon, wether it be kyaking, paragliding, hiking, biking, skiing, or just taking a trip to the Ocean. The culture in Portland is amazing. People are so completely friendly unlike many U.S. cities with a high population. There is world class beer, a diversity of amazing food, and generally something here for everyone. The educations there are very highly reviewed, including K-12 and colleges.

I'm moving to Oregon next year, and have visited many times. My second choices would be either Washington or Colorado, that also share a more peaceful laid back lifestyle but are also filled with people just wanting to fulfill their dreams.


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