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What will buildings of the future (2050) look like?

What will buildings of the future look like?



what do you think about that? I have to do report to my teacher about it 



Pretty much the same as now, just like they have looked pretty much the same for the last couple hundred years.

I think there'll be more automatic doors, and elevators that are safer & faster.


Some elevators are so slow & rickety.

Probably even more boring than they are now.

go and watch Continuum series . it is interisting and u can find ur answer .



My hope is they will still need windows

and stick out of the ground, considering

how rapidly the environment is changing.


Much will  depend upon the availability of huge quantities of cheap and non polluting


In this case they could be built over the water by computer guided machines and connected

between themselves via stripes of artificial 'sidewalks' with hanging gardens or even parks.

As the sea water is going to destroy iron and concrete, new buildings with (let's hope) an even

better shape will substitute the dying ones in a process of contnuous renovation.


I have a fear: will the overwhelming presence of technologies that continuously steal

the concentration from young brilliant minds allow them to become extraordinary

architects in a reasonable time ?

I see that concentration and the capacity of deep thinking is something more rare than used to be.

With increasing population, home sizes will become smaller in cities. Like lawns and car parks will vanish. In rural areas, it will be pretty much the same as it is for the time being.

In commercial buildings, obviously they will implement newer technologies, like faster elevators, better fire alarm systems, and for surveillence security cameras etc. Maybe they will make convertable rooms i.e you will be able to turn your bedroom into a lounge or a drawing room when needed.




On the other hand if cheap and non polluting energy will not be available

there is a real possibility that every place or building built in the far away

future will look like a military fortress hosting the surviving human beings

in a life of constant danger.

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