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What is the meaning of life? (what do you live for?)





What seems to be the purpose of life is life itself, or to say it more clearly:

  a. living

  b. future life

  c. better forms of life in next generations (on statistical terms)


Life itself has no purpose, just happens!


The human mind that is endowed with a fair amount of logic and

the capability of believing as real its own productions is just in love with

the concept that any complex thing (as life) must have a purpose and

maybe also a meaning.


Each human being  gives meaning to his own life if he is  fortunate enough to live without big oppression, to be more or less free of ilness and to have a good education.

It is an extremely  fortunate fact that life starts for us when we do not have

the power of taking decisions, otherwise too many would be scared of a world so

overwhelmed with injustice, wars,  and problems related to the environment, that is,

with the future of life itself.



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