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How is your feeling when you do this?

Last night, I chated with one of my Russian friends.I thougt it will be nervous and bad, but it didn't! We chated our families, the custom about boy friends,the differenceof degrees in all seasons and our accent,and so on.

Hey, do you remember the feel when you talked to friends in English in your first time?



Of course, I remember. I had a few experiences in talking to another person and one of them was not god for me. The person started to laugh at me, she and her friend, and I got nervous and embarrassed. I firstly thought: This is going to be my last trying in english, I'll give up on this language.

But, I did not give up and I am still here, trying to learn though everything that comes to harm us. Many people consider others like a dirty animal and treat them badly.


I suggest you might screen his/her profile and record to check if they are favorable language partners for you prior to your conversation . Language partners should establish their relationship upon equality and share instead of disdain . I do not think any one can laugh at his language partners . Change your vision , if your partners can speak well and fluently , why do they need language exchange. Be cautious and honesty to your language partners . I believe you will have high quality of language exchange .

Yes, of course. It was awfully. I couldn't connect two words  with each other. I thought I looked like silly girl.

Haha. i remember my first chat...i was trying to talk with one guy from Pakistan. it was horrible for me because i could hardly understand him ...

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