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Which Indian city is best to take dance and yoga classes ?

In order to plan my next trip to India, I would like to know which Indian city would be best to take yoga class + kathak class + bharata natyam class ? (Like I've been taking yoga class and bharata natyam class in Chennai but I didn't find Kathak class, which city would gather all those styles ?)




raks is right. Bangalore is best place for you.... In bangalore many yoga classes are there like pathanjali etc. And kathak, barathnatyam also there.....

Sorry, yogaa and Bharat Natyam yes, pondicherry. For Kathak you will probably look to Delhi and bombay. Ofcouse Lucknow was famous or it.

The plan would be to stay in one city only and practice various dances. Pondi and Lucknow are a "little" far from one another ^^

I think (I am not sure) Bangalore is the right place for you. It is impossible to find famous people guidance for Yoga, Kathak and Bharatnatyam classes in one city. You can just try to find at WWW.JUSTDIAL.COM. You still find it difficult then let me know:) Good luck:)

Thanks raks ! I'm not necessarily looking for a famous teacher. I like one-to-one sessions from anyone who knows his stuff. Are you from Bangalore ? Do people there speak english or should I learn basic kannada ?


magali,Kathak dance form is more popular in north.How long you are planing to stay in India ? There is a dance acedamy in banglore which runs one year course in dance.In Banglore you can get away with English but basic knowledge of Kannada will sure help.

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