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what books would you recommend to read?



Do you happen to know your reading comprehension level in English? I can better help with that info..

Eat Pray Love (by Elizabeth Gilbert, 2006). I'm reading this now as I travel in Ukr.Maybe you've already seen the film version.

Edgar Alan Poe

There are a pleanty of books which I would like to recommend. Winter is coming and you should read fairy tales such as " The song of ice and flame " and  actually " the lord of rings " . And enjoy yourself)))

Depending on your reading level...
Don't be ashamed of reading little kid's books of you are a beginner. It will really help you with sentence structure and basic vocabulary without overwhelming you.
Also read comic books. They are brilliant with situation oriented dialogues. Archie's, Dc comics, Marvel… and Japanese Mangas and Korean manhwas are all available in english online.

Then you can progress to short stories and novellas. And then finally get into novels.

The guardian has an amazing reviews section for some of he best in British children's fiction. All Charlie Higson and Patrick Ness books… but if you are at that level of english then you might as well pick up harry potter and LOTR and A song of ice and fire and start reading. :)


Killer Dreams by Iris Johansen 



The Poetry Lesson, Andrei Codrescu. Or anything by this writer. (Contemporary writer, lived in New Orleans for many years, Hungarian by birth, but speaks and writes a beautiful English.  )

The Monk, Matthew Lewis (if your level is high, it's a challege written in 19th century English)


I like very interesting books in English

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