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Making fun withscammers

I had never known that there were so many scammers on the internet until I met them on a pen pals website. My friend told me a website where I could practice my English writing. After I signed in for a period of time, I got to know there were many scammers there. I met at least 5 scammers there till now. So making fun with scammers turned out to be a good way to practice my English.

The bravest scammer I have ever met there who pretended he was General Luigi Chiappenrini. He sent me a long message and one of “his” photo, a man in army uniform on it. I was so curious about his position. After I searched the name on Google, I found “he” was really a big shot, Commander, ISAF Regional Command West. I also found the photo he sent to me on Google. OK, let me make fun with this bravest scammer. I told him that the photo he sent me I could find on the internet by myself and asked him send me a private photo. Then he sent me another, but I found it was created by Photoshop. I told him his photo was created by Ps. He said what was my meaning. I said I meant that he cut two photos and created them into one photo. He disappeared from then on!

Another scammer said he was from UK, when I told him that his English was not standard, he stopped talking with me.

Now I am playing game with a scammer who claimed he was from London, but when he spoke English I noticed his accent was not London’s accent. He told me he spoke “ Queen English” really funny! A few day ago he told me he would go to Saudi Arabia by a ship to buy crude. Today he told me there were sea pirate blocking the sea. His ship had to anchor at Port Klang Ireland. The game is going on. Let’s guess what will happen next!

How do you think about the scammers on the internet?





It appears that you had some fun undoing the scammers. Did you learn any English with them?

Yes, I did. When I chated with them, I practiced my English. :)


It´s funny how you manage lo learn English,but do you use your real skype account,I mean,do you give your real name?

I used my English name and real Skype account. Once they knew I had known they were scammers, they would disappear at once!

In spite of your successful experience in learning English with some scammers , I do not recommend anyone who wants to practice to use this way to learn language ,notably revealing your personal information by skype or other ways . I have seen so many ladies or gentlemen were cheated by different sammer's tricks and some of them lost plenty of money or even their love . I am not sure every one can be so clear and sensible to avert the risk of being frauded or scammed . If you were not strong enough in your mind and emotion , I would suggest you not use this method to practice your language . After all , no one is invincible and and even highly educated celebrity can be frauded you never know. To play game with evils must hold tremendous wise and intelligence . I would rather learn english down to earth instead than take advantage of evils . Besides , you do not know if your PCs have been implanted with backdoor softwares . It carries high risk although i consider I am an agile and smart guy.

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