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In your country which chat tool use more?

In your country which chat tool use more?

    write your country and  the answer.




Iran: yahoo massenger and gtalk

QQ or webchat in China but the hongkong, aomen and Taiwan

China, QQ

QQ or Wechat in China & Taiwan

KakaoTalk & Mypeople in South Korea

LINE, Skype in Japan

Skype, Viber or Wechat in Philippines.

In Bosnia we use Skype the most, and GoChat. :)

In Peru, we only use the facebook chat.

In USA its mostly Twitter, Facebook, Skype & Aol/yahoo/Gmail chat (depending on email) and of course we will communicate on Pinterest, Youtube, or G+
For me it really depends on country since some social sites are banned in other places.
I mainly use Skype, Facebook, and Gmail/G+ but I have used QQ international & Wechat before.  


In Uruguay,Facebook,Skype,Twitter,Google +,Gmail chat,mesenger.

May be Viber will be popular in the future,and Whastup.

Here in Brazil, Facebook is used a lot.

Russia. Skype, ICQ

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