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Which seasons do you like the most?

Which seasons do you like the most?

I myself like winter the most cause I like cold and I hate warm weather,I like snow and rain. I my country snowfalls and rain falls occure usually in the winter and the spring. No snowfalls in the summer or in the autum.



I like all seasons, but winter most of all. Because I like New Year and Christmas hollidays. I like decorate a pine tree, buy gifts for my friends, bake gringer cookies and snow. I like read old british detective novells sitting in the comfortable armchair with warm blanket and hugh cup of tea.

I like sumer, I have holidays, Christmas and New Year, I can visit the beach, jejejejeje.

unfortunately we dont have four season here but based on what i saw on tv... i like autumn because the scenery is peaceful

Monson season.. i love walking in the rain, getting drenched in the downpour :) ... SOme of the best moments in my life have been while studying french in Allaince Française de Pondicherry, india. when it used to rain i used to leave my bags with the security guard at alliance francaise and walk to the beach juss 100 meters from there. It would be pouring wet, while i would buy 2 cans of cold nescafe latte and mocha, standing in the rain drinking cold coffee looking at the sea. There are these huge umbrellas for street vendors to use while sunny, but they all run away when it rains... I used have a smoke under those umberellas and then go back into the rain to have another can of coffee... 

Uwaaa.... i miss pondy now T____T wanna go back ... 

I like Spring。 Eyeful green 。The sun warm。

On both the west and east coasts of the United States, spring and autumn are lovely seasons. The weather is not too hot or too cold, so it is a perfect time to spend time outside. Autumn in the northeastern part of the country is magnificent, with the changing colors of trees...reds and yellows and browns are everywhere. (Also, the secret of the best time to visit San Francisco? It's autumn! ^_^)

I like spring. It is warm and warm. The trees become into green!

I like all seasons ,because each have each good,

I do not care about any season except too humid climate or weather in that season. If the weather is cold or hot , It is fine I can accept , but yet humidity is the most intolerable for me .I guess most people take a fancy of spring . Different seasons can give you different sentimental you may savor . Other than that , rain and cloud is not my favourite either . I do not hope the weather is somber and cloudy all the time .

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