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Create a new word in English

English already has one of the largest vocabularies of any world language. Yet, there are some words that exist in other languages but do not have and English counterpart. Take "shemomedjamo" - this is a Georgian word meaning "I accidentally ate the whole thing", used when something is so tasty you can't stop eating it even though you're already full to bursting. This is certainly a word that we need in English (at least I do anyway).

Do you know any other foreign words that don't translate into English? 



Yeah, you know, Russian word "мужик" ("muzhik') which means 'a Russian peasant' or in a a broad sense ' a kind,sincere,hard-working and lazy at the same time and a bit rough real Russian man' couldn't be translated so it remained its Russian form.

I think I'm going to have to incorporate it into my every day speech! You can find more great words here and there are links to other similar articles as well :)

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Very interesting.

I buy watermelon no more than once a year exactly for the existence of such

a possibility.

I enjoy your sense of humour. Thank you.

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