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best apps for android

I've bought a new smartphone recently.I am looking for free apps that are useful.It could be game or just for learning language or texting like whatsapp ,viber -doesn't matter.What are your favorite apps,could you recommend me  few of them?




Flashlight, stopwatch, and Google Sky are apps I use the most for general purpose. I also like C Geo for geocaching. For language Duolingo and TuneIn Radio

50 languages , snapette , film tv

Security - Avast mobile security.

For Language- Babbel, busuu, spanish verb and other similar apps.


CHat - Whatsapp, wechat. Tango, Viber

Magic jack for calling Usa and other countries.

Radio - tunein radio, DI Radio.

Equalizer - Equalizer FX
Ebook - Mantano Reader Lite.
Mangas - ecomic
Anime - SAnime

Video player -  Stock anroid is good but if you want VLC is cool too.


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