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Free online learning courses on different studies for everyone (but especially for teachers!)


Hey. I just want to let you know there's a site where you can take part in a course on a subject you're studying. There're courses from universities with tests and quizes. Take a look at it:

Personally, I'm taking part in "Foundations of Teaching for Learning 2: Being a Teacher" and it's really interesting, though it's already the third week of it now (it might be a little late to apply, though it's possible). If you want to, you can take part in it too and we can discuss it. I'd like to meet other teachers to discuss different ways of teaching with in private messages.

There are courses for many other studies except pedagogy (physics, law, engineering, public speaking, chemistry, music, mathematics, etc.), and several languages available. Hope you enjoy it.




I have recently heard about this site from several students who are taking classes.  It looks very interesting and with so many options I'm sure most people will find a subject that interests them.


Thanks for sharing the information Irina.


You're welcome, Kelly! If you will feel like taking part in the same course I'm coming through, feel free to discuss it with me. :-)
In case the first link doesn't work:

I have not seen any languge courses on both coursera and edx ....  Are you guys sure there are language courses... o.O ?

i like the idea of coursera but they do not have any language courses as far as i know.

there is a very good website for learning spanish called which provides very brief and fast video tutorials on specific subjects. For a very basic grounding in Spanish i found the Michel Thomas method very helpful.


Lucifel, I believe you may be right about that.  I have not seen language courses on coursera however they do have a wide variety of other courses in several languages.

I'm starting my first course with Coursera today - Foundations of Virtual Instruction. It's about teaching via the Internet so hopefully it will be interesting! It's the first time I've ever taken a course online so I'm looking forward to it :)

It' a shame there aren't any language courses, though.

Another great site I use is Khan Academy - it has some really great lessons on lots of subjects :)


Lucifel, those aren't language courses, though you can improve your English or a couple of other languages by learning some subject in it.

I think it's alright that they don't have any language courses. Well, language is not a proffession, and there are so many language learning sites, as this one, on the internet after all. But there aren't so many places to learn other topics, where the material is so structured as at corsera.


Have a look at this if you are interested in free online courses with certificate. . .


Thank you, Adam!

Oh my gosh I had to give up on the course I was doing - the teacher was so boring. I couldn't listen to her - she basically just read a script. I could have just read the information myself! 
Irina - I think I'm going to start the course you're doing in January, but I'll be starting with Learning 1 so please let me know what you think of it :)
I am starting my CELTA course in November so I'm brushing up on my grammar skills with a fantastic course from
It's aimed at teachers and advanced learnersas it's based on you having some prior knowledge of grammar. You have to sign up to be able to get it but it's free! Also they offer other courses for teachers - you have to pay for these but I don't think they're too expensive (30 euros) 

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