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which is the most difficult part in learning a new language?

1. grammar

2. pronunciation

3. writing characters or alphabet

4. spelling

5. memorizing new vocabularies

6. others ( whatever you have in mind )


why and how do you cope up with your weaknesses?




To speak in the new language.

1. Spelling
2. Gramar...  


With Russian I have problems with, grammar, writing, alphabet and vocabulary, in English I have problem with pronuncation and listening. However, you need time to study the language, rules and new words.

grammar, pronunciation and writing characters or alphabet with mandarin chinese 

It probably depends on which language you're learning.


For me, an English speaker learning Korean, the hardest part is the grammar. I understand it fairly well, but the word order is very different from English, and my mind still processes words in the order of English. That makes it difficult to speak, and I can only write it slowly.

I guess integrating what your learn into a useful communicative language is the most challenging and demanding . Prior to speaking , you  have to accomplish your basic vocabulary and make numerous sentences before your practice . Following that , practice takes effect and speaking I supposed is higher level of learning as you need to react to your listening immediately and smoothly spoken out accordingly . You have to be competent in grammar , phrases and sentences before you commence your speaking .  As for pronunciation , you are required to know basic rules to pronunce , then constant practice can make your pronunication clearer and adequate .

speaking and difficult

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