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what is the most important in your life?

what is the most important in your life?money?friendship ?or   sth.  others?




Family and laughing!

Love. I owe my entire being to love. If it hadn't shaped me and my life i think i would't be this person i am today.

The environment free from stressess and nobody would tell me what to do.

My son,my husband,my parents。

family and work ,sure and happy,Happiness isn't be less

Get the blessing of my God, Allah SWT :)

There is nothing more important than my family . I hope I can have enough money and time to be with them , so money is inevitable to please my family .

Family, love, knowledge and inspiration are the most important things in my life.

My son and the moments we share, and good food.


I don't know,Perhaps friendship, affection, maybe, maybe it is love

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