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Tell me about one of your best friend

How many years have you met each other?

How did you meet each other?

What makes he/she one of the best friends of you?



My best friend is a girl named Lucy. She is my classmate from middle-school .Our friendship has lasted for about ten years. She is pretty . Sometimes she is stubborn and gets angry  for sth minute. She never takes advantage of others. When with her ,it seems that I have no temper. When she smiles, she looks very naive and adorable. 

My best friends named is Imelda, we meet in high school 9 years ago. She is mix chinnese and holland,pretty and smart girl. She have passionate life,always thinking positive in life. She gives me positive impact to my life.

My bestfriend named is grace I met her when we were 9 years old.. I prayed to God before that He will give me  a friend which I can call a bestfriend and will treat me as a bestfriend in return.. a person who I can share everything with, a person who we have lots of common interest. . We have been together for 14 years now and  we only had a fight once and it didn't even last for one hour.

Thank you for sharing!

Hannah, your friend Lucy has many merits that remind me of my best friends.

tirah, I always think that positiveness is where our power come from, you are lucky to have such a friend.

Yeah,  I agree. Everytime when I am in a bad mood,I will call her. I do not need to complain to her.Just a daily talk with her will lighten me up.You are right.  We are lucky to have such friendship

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