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What is your target language and why?

I'm sure there have been other posts on this but o well. Tell me a brief description of what language you are dedicating your time to learning, and what are your reasons for doing so?


I started learning a little french, but put in hold so I could start learning German. The reason being because I am attracted to their culture and country more and I think the language is creative and beautiful. So far I am having a great time learning German unlike learning French which I have not enjoyed as much.



Because i love all the different culture the world has to offer, i am immensely attracted to these culture and love to dive into it as if it were my own ... and it does become your own at some point... But most of it is isolated by language. So learning a language opens the door to those worlds... I have already opened the door to France and right now i'm in the process of opening the door to latin americas with spanish ... In future i intend to open the doors to Arabia and Persia and the orient with Japan, China and Korea.

OMG! imagine all that music, arts and above all "Literature" at my disposal... its simply beyond my imagination. @___@ :D

If everyone could have spoken same language on the world,life couldn't been significantly.Diversities is our affluence.

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