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Want to become fluent in Farsi!

Hello, I am training in Greco Roman wrestling and love it a lot. I know that Farsi is the language in Iran, and I know the Iranians are big wrestlers. I would love to learn Farsi and be able to speak it and hold a conversation so I could go to Iran and live there and train. I would love if I could get someone to help me with Farsi. I am just starting out and am taking it as a class in College in the States. I would be happy to teach you or help with English. This is my native language! Please let me know!






i can help u with persian if u want

you are just right, iranians are good at wrestling. I will be very happy to help you become fluent in persian.

I 'm ready to help you here is my skype id ; hadis farzi19

i'm iranian and we can exchange our languages together if you want !! :)

There are probably a decent amount of phd students from Iran at your university,  they may be less social but you can try that too.  Usually they have a Persian students association group on Facebook.  If you marry one of them then you would have dual citizenship. 

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