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An hour of French a day - language partners wanted! French/English exchange



I'm set myself the goal of speaking French for at least an hour a day. My level is basic but I want to improve.


Please add me: michelle.size  and let's help each other :)




Also sorry if I've added you in the past and not got in touch, but I'm ready now to do exchanges so please get in touch :)

Try finding more than one language partner to talk to. One hour is a lot of time. When you are getting to know people if you have a 15-20 min conversation would mean you have done a brilliant job. Of course you can go further when you meet people with common interest and they are also equally talkative.

SO if you want 60 mins of practice try to have 3-4 different conversations of 15-20 mins.

I can help you with Spanish!


I want to improve my english. I added you!


Yes Lucifer that's what i was planning for as my French is basic so I couldn't talk for so long without boring the person.

Bonjour Michelle, je serais ravie de parler avec toi en français et en anglais, j'ai moi aussi besoin d'améliorer mon niveau en anglais

Bonne chance Mimi.

You can do it ! Tu peux le faire ~



I'm interested in talking both french and english with you. Like you, I think I've got enough time. (

Plus I *have* to make some serious progresses since I want to prepare for job interview in english. Therefore, I think we both are motivated. :) 

And by the way, I think helping you in French might be interesting. (we always have something to learn, don't we? ) 


I just followed you, can you follow me back? (If you feel like to, of course :p ) 


Do you use google hangout or skype? (I don't really like facebook) 



Hi my name is Tim and I would love to practice conversing in French too! I'll add!

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