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what if u were kidnapped by aliens

will u try to escape from them or go with them and live in the outer space,but you'll never see your family and friends again.



I'd tell them I'm nothing harmful or worth killing and I would pray not to get sucked up :D


I might go if they promised to teach me and show me amazing sights! Even then I couldn't leave my family behind. If they said I could bring my family, then I would agree to go. :)

If I were kidnapped by aliens, I might want want to escape, though if it is a normal contact, then probably it's worth following them and learning great things!

Go and see what all I can and then escape from there to come back. After all, I can't leave my family alone for such a long time.

There is a high probability that alien life exists on other planets, but there is only a small probability that any alien beings would ever be able or willing to visit our planet and kidnap Earth-bound humanoids.  If anybody were to tell me that they were abducted by aliens, then I would not believe their story. People can only get abducted by aliens in their wildest fantasies.  ... Hmmm ... how would you want to be treated by aliens?  Perhaps, some people would want to be probed by aliens?  What does this really mean?  

i dont know,maybe friendly,but no experiment,one of my foreigner teachers said if he has any chances,he would be stay there forever,i dont understand,i know i'll never leave my family.

If they are harmless and they have lots of amazing food and sights, I'd ask them to kidnap my family too! or even my friends! :)

Steal their technology and wander around space :)

Have a chat.


I'll ask them to scan by body for any DNA defects and if possible fix it....


Learn their meditation and martial art techniques...


Request that they drop me back home and ask for device with which I can contact em in case I need back up. 


Go back home...go to maccas for dat dere large Mc chicken meal (orange juice as drink thx).


Get a workout in...



they would most probably cut you up and put you in jars and store you on a shelf in their space ship.  so if i saw them coming i would just say hi lads and keep walking :)

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