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Animal sounds - just for fun!

Ok, so this may seem a little strange, but when I was reading a story to the boy I look after (he's Spanish) I noticed that Spanish animal noises are sometimes very different from English animal noises. It's the same thing in French. I'm going to list some animal noises below and I thought it would be interesting to see what they say in different countries. Do animals speak differently in your native language?

The horse says neigh.
The rooster says cock-a-doodle-doo.
The pig says oink.
The cow says moo.
The sheep says baa.
The cat says miaow.
The dog says woof.
The duck says quack.

Anyone think of any more? :)



In VietNam the dog says "go go go"




Dog: aw aw aw

Cat: meow meow

Rooster- toktok ka ookk ( not sure with spelling)

Frog- kokak kokak

cow- moooo

The horse says: Hi, how are you? Don't try to ride on me.

The rooster says: Oh my God, you work at KFC?

The pig says: What is the purpose of my life?

The cow: I hate milking machines.

The sheep: I am feeling cold, they shaved my whole body 

The cat: Has anyone seen a mouse?

The dog: I will stop barking and stop biting.

The duck: How can perform in Disney Films?

In Russian


The horse says игого (eegogo).
The rooster says кукареку (coocarhecoo).
The pig says хрю-хрю (khryu-khryu).
The cow says му (moo -- the same).
The sheep says бе (beh).
The cat says мяу (miaow -- the same).
The dog says гав (gav).
The duck says кря (crya).

It's funny how the animals can sound different in different languages :)

in libya



the sheep says maaa

the duck says wak

the cow says moo

the dog says hop hop

the cat says miao

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