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Animal sounds - just for fun!

Ok, so this may seem a little strange, but when I was reading a story to the boy I look after (he's Spanish) I noticed that Spanish animal noises are sometimes very different from English animal noises. It's the same thing in French. I'm going to list some animal noises below and I thought it would be interesting to see what they say in different countries. Do animals speak differently in your native language?

The horse says neigh.
The rooster says cock-a-doodle-doo.
The pig says oink.
The cow says moo.
The sheep says baa.
The cat says miaow.
The dog says woof.
The duck says quack.

Anyone think of any more? :)



Spanish (Spain):


The horse says hiiiiiiii

The rooster says cococococo

The pig says oink (too)

The cow says muuuuuuuuuuuu

The sheep says beeeehhh beeeeeehhh

The cat says miau

The dog says guau guau!

The duck says cuack cuack!


That's funny! :P

In VietNam the dog says "go go go"




Dog: aw aw aw

Cat: meow meow

Rooster- toktok ka ookk ( not sure with spelling)

Frog- kokak kokak

cow- moooo

The horse says: Hi, how are you? Don't try to ride on me.

The rooster says: Oh my God, you work at KFC?

The pig says: What is the purpose of my life?

The cow: I hate milking machines.

The sheep: I am feeling cold, they shaved my whole body 

The cat: Has anyone seen a mouse?

The dog: I will stop barking and stop biting.

The duck: How can perform in Disney Films?

In Russian


The horse says игого (eegogo).
The rooster says кукареку (coocarhecoo).
The pig says хрю-хрю (khryu-khryu).
The cow says му (moo -- the same).
The sheep says бе (beh).
The cat says мяу (miaow -- the same).
The dog says гав (gav).
The duck says кря (crya).

It's funny how the animals can sound different in different languages :)

in libya



the sheep says maaa

the duck says wak

the cow says moo

the dog says hop hop

the cat says miao

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