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Eco energy

Oil and coal are the main sources of energy in many countries, but they are limited. In one hundred years, they might totally disappear. Therefore, people are concerned about it, and searching for an alternative energy source. One of the ways is using the renewable resources. However, in spite of having many eco ideas it also has some disadvantages.

Firstly, one of the disadvantages is the instability of the solar and the wind energy. It is related to nature-climate features. The power of the sun and wind depend on seasons. For instance, in the winter, the sun can shine weaker than in summer, or after some storms and hard snow, the solar and wind buildings can be disabled. Continuing the topic of alternative eco energy, the production output can be mentioned. Compared to hydrocarbon materials the wind outputs less energy. Secondly, to provide the energy for a big city, you need a lot of wind turbines or solar roofs panels. In addition presently eco-technology is quite expensive. Finally, there is a high probability that the new technologies will have a negative effect on, economies which depend on exporting oil. The economy will start declining, the government’s budget will become thinner, people will start losing their jobs, and overall the situation will be negative.

On other hand, the last influence may have a positive effect, because the raw materials are limited, and it would motivate countries depending on oil exports to develop other resources which would increase the budget income. The most important advantage of eco-sources is saving the nature. After using hydrocarbon materials there are heavy emissions released into nature. As a result there is a big threat rising as known as global warming. Therefore developing new types of energy sources are mandatory, to avoid global collapse. Finally, our health will not suffer by different exhaust. Vehicles with internal combustion engines will disappear. Silent tesla vehicles will replace them and the amount of some types of plants factories will be reduced.

Summing up the text, I can unambiguously say that the necessity of this conversion from oil energy to the new types of energy is obvious and mandatory, it is just a question of time.




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