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A tip for solo female traveller, upon harassment by local men

I chanced upon this great and funny travel advice, from Lonely Planet:


Unaccompanied women in the Middle East are frequently the targets of young men's harmless (read mindless) fun.  The best way to defuse attention is by turning towards the men, giving them a firm but frosty greeting (all the better in Arabic), and offering the right hand for shaking.  Ask the offending parties where they come from and to which family they belong.  This is usually so unexpected and traumatising for these men that the threat disappears.  (Extract has been edited.)


This is the kind of tips I need!  If you have more, please share!




Ha! That's great.

Please dress conservatively... They call it dressing modest, but that's just bullshit.!!!

Alexandra:  I was able to walk alone at night in red light districts in the States, or in neighborhoods where there are a lot of black people in the States, but nobody bothered me.  Then when I was walking in the سوق (market) in Dubai, some shopkeepers were a bit too insistent on getting me to buy things.  One of them was trying to pull me into the shop.  So I am afraid walking on some streets alone.


Lucifel:  I was wondering about what is "dressing modestly".  Are leggings considered to be covering the legs?  {# _ #}

As a Asian man , I hardly experience how girls were treated in some middle east countries . I share the similar opinion with Alexandra . I deeply believe the most pleasure for those men is based upon the reaction of harassed females . If encountered any harrassment , I would suggest most ladies do nothing but ignore those boring flirt . Keep silent is the best policy . Perhaps you may regard it is so timid or silly. From the level of psychology , those boring men will be satisfied with your trace reaction , including your face, your pose or your vocal reaction. They will be pleased by your irritation or embarrassment definitely . Needless to say , it is a gross principle , you had better measure the reality where you are dealing with and reacting something or nothing.


Just do not know why some men in some area are so thirty for girls ?...........My curiosity

Allen:  I guess how I would handle it would depend on the situation.  I think it is just boredom.  I think they are harmless.




I presume middle east is much stricter than asia. I don't think there can ever be anything called "dressing modestly" , But they all like to pretend that those who dress with respect to their culture are modest respectable people, but anyone with even a little experience will tell you, you dressing up in conservative or these so called modest outfits has nothing to do with abuse and objectification.

The only reason i would advice someone to wear something conservative (even thought it's no protection...) is because, if something were to ever happen, you don't want the legal system to blame you for instigating it...!!!
Conservative is anything that does't accentuate your figure or your voluptuous curves...:P So no, leggings won't cut it. you will have to hide the shapeliness of your legs too.

I read a case from Saudi Arabia where a man raped a women wearing complete niqab(the cloth over face, with just the eyes visible because according to him she had seductive temptress eyes. The jury looked at her eyes and agreed with him for being too tempting and seductive. So the guy was let go scot free with just some religious concealing to resist future temptations and the woman was fined and banned from showing her eyes in public, basically from then on she would have had to wear a Burqa with net lining over her eyes(


Frankly, that much covering up is exactly what would tempt me to tear off that burqa and see for myself if she is really that hottt beneath it all. That is what makes me pine for women in burqa and niqab, that exotic factor is multiplied so many folds. That "Oh, look at me i'm so beautiful that i have to cover myself up to prevent chaos in this world" … that's what make you wanna see so badly underneath the veil. Aaaaahhh…!!! Muslim women make your heart, pine for more, just for a little glimpse like some exotic geishas….
Although the rational devil on my shoulder keeps telling me " Don't fall for all that gift packaging !!! Its all in your imagination, in reality its might not be that great underneath it all…o.O! "

Sigh ~  no leggings is so sad ~!  


I think the objective is not to dress conservatively, but to look ugly.  (# _ #)!


Yeah, I have read about KSA.  It was an amusing read, but quite pathetic too.

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