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Do you like soy products?

Today I treid soy milk for the first time.
At first, it tasted like wood, and after drinking about half of the glass, it tasted like cardboard. I liked it. Are other soy products as good as milk?




The first time I drank soy milk I thought it tasted disgusting. But I convinced myself that I could like it and in the end, I actually did! I don't drink soy milk anymore, but I love tofu. And miso, and tempeh.

There's many products made by soy... everything you can imagine.. I'm vegetarion so I taste soy in many forms and flavours... milk, yogurt, meat, hamburgers,  etc.. etc..

i really love soy hamburgers and the "fish of soy"... i'm really not a fan of soy milk, i prefer the cow milk... here we replace the meat of some foods with soy, if it's chicken.. we use a type of soy meat... if it's made by cow,, we use a type of soy meat especially made to replace cow meat.



There's many soy priducts that you should try. Usuakly they're available in many stores or supermarkets.


Soy cookies are delicious, soy milk is great and it has many benefits for your health, tofu wich is made of soy and you can cook many kind of foods and dishes with tofu.

Some Chinese soups are made of tofu, mushrooms and other condiments.

Also tofu it's a great source of protein!!

Do you know the story about president Clinton who had taken bypass surgery years ago . He suffered from coronal artery obstruction and took a risk heart surgery . He formulated his problem is based on over animal protein intake . Perhaps , too much animal fat or protein is really not beneficial for your health especially for vessels . In Asian society , many people take bean milk as their staple beverage and most of them are used to drinking bean milk each day .  In terms of its taste , here in my country , some bean milk product was added sugar for favouring . it tastes better after the flavoring . Otherwise , you will feel you are drinking some woodlike drink as Andi said . I used to drink bean milk with sugar adding , but now , I get used to drink bean mild without any sugar which I think it is healthful .  Any way  , bea milk is a healthful drink as far as I know if you have taken so much animal protein or fat in the past  . You may rethink change your food recipe at this moment .





Please drink Matcha with soy when you come to Japan. I'm sure you'll like it :)

You should try rice milk. It tastes way better then soy. I try to avoid soy products .

Hi Hatidza, I've never drunk soy milk, but I've eaten tofu in some pizzas and soy yogurt and I liked them a lot. Now I've started to drink oat milk. I want to reduce my intake of animals products to be more ecological.

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