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what is the most important thing in your life?



There is nothing more important than your family and relatives . My humble opinon is to treasure every moment when you are getting along with them and I guess every moment would be forever when you are dying . Besides, care about your health and value your life quality , not just working around the clock like an ATM . It would make you happier . As for fortune you can earn in your life , never pay too much concentraion on your winnings or earnings . You will pay back all of them when you are dead .

I want to have a free life. No marriage, no children. But I know it's luxury in China. Good health is very important,too. People need to keep a balance between work and life, or they will feel life dull. 

Thanks for your answers.I cann't agree more with Allen.I used to think to much about my future and even in despair.I cann't afford a house even if I work for 20 years.Mom told me that don't live for money,it's no end.  I found the happiest monent is when I talking with my family,laughing with my friends. It's really nice.  JOY‘s life style is free.I want to change my life too. It's lamentable to work around the clock like an ATM.I want to go somwhere to live a free life. I just want to make my family happy,just want to see them laugh.It's enough.


My family and health.

I think the most important thing for me it`s the posibility to talk to smb, to share my opinion, my feelings (even if it completely bad things), to express my emothions and took some support as well.. to sum up it, i can say that it`s an ability to communicate..feel that smb listens to you, understands you, needs you.. :)

Enjoy every minute of my life in the right way !

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