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What is your favorite Chinese movies and books?

What is your favorite Chinese movies and books?

Action movies except。

MAO books except 。
Mo yan books except。




This might not be what you are talking about, but one of my favorite books right now is The Land of The Plenty but Fuchsia Dunlop. She is an english writer who is a chinese enthuisist and this is a cookbook that has tons of information about of szechuanese cuisine, as she studied in Chengdu for years.

My favourite Chinese movies are: 花样年华, Red Cliff and 大红灯笼高高挂.


mu favourite movie in shinese ip man that recently i watched, i really like it's theme love of country.

陳凱歌 - 霸王別姬

Kaige Chen's - "Farewell my concubine"

Single most moving piece of cinema, i have seen in my life. I could not believe it lost to Fernando Trueba "Belle epoque" at 1993 oscars, but americans are weird anyways and in 90 they would not have looked at homosexuality in a positive light. I think they lack the sensibility required to understand or appreciate Asian cinema.

Don't get me wrong, belle époque was a great comedy, but "Farewell my concubine was a greater film" as simple as that.

Another film i saw as a child, i don't know the name of , it was a period film about child marriage a little girl from a nobel family getting married to a little boy from another province and going to live there as his wife. And that little boy lacks the maturity to understand that she is his wife, she tries to play with him and win him over and basically grows up overcoming lots of difficulty to become the lady of the house.

I would like to see that film again… i remember as a kid i wanted to marry that girl so bad, i would have treated her like a princess :D :P

Books no haven't read any of CHinese literature. Though i have Mao's books lying somewhere in my pending shelf waiting to be read. Which i intend to do in the near future to understand his philosophy better. :)

Just a quick correction of your question:


What is are your favorite Chinese movies and books except for action movies except, Mao books and Mo Yan books?


(Note: if listed as you have written, "except" should come first. For example: Except action movies, except Mao books, except Mo Yan books).


By the way, my favourite Chinese book is Wild Swans by Jung Chang. I find the whole genre of scar literature (伤痕文学) fascinating.



Thank you for sharing, will add wild swans to my "to read" list asap ... :)

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