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Have you visited Chile? If you have, what Chilean places have you visited?

For example, have you been in Torres del Paine, Desierto de Atacama, certain parts of the Cordillera de los Andes, Isla de Pascua,etc. Chile is a really nice country located in southamerica. I'm Chilean, for that reason I'm asking you this :)



No I have not. But in near future I will.

nope i have not visited any foreign countries yet..

Weather forecast: Chile today, hot tamale!

For most Asian people , they have to fly across the whole Pacific Ocean to reach a far country , chile . It is not so easy to resolve  . We are destined to consume over 12 hours in flight , which is quite annoying and tiresome for most tourists  ,  however, I believe you country must be a fascinating country with historian relics . I am bound to travel around South America someday or other .

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