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Besides italki what else chat tools you use!

Do you know QQ?

Do you have QQ?

Can you add me?

If you ask me why,because I want many foreigners in my QQ and we can whenever and wherever possible to chat!



I think QQ is just popular in China. If you want to find friends from all over the world, you can try Skype or gtalk.

People like to chat in public actually, So beside LINE now, I almost chat at a website.

I have skype too!

Really,but I think everyone has privacy,maybe something they shuold chat alone。

But you have not share it yet.

i agree with Naved , QQ just popular in china

ok,maybe I should change my view!


italki is scarcely for chatting, there are better places for one-one-one or many-many chatting.


SKYPE likewise I think is for one-one


QQ has chat groups, but I find they are very disjointed, no continuity


AsiaFriendfinder I have chatted their in the English or Chinese chatroom for many years

Now I have changed my view ,I think QQmaybe is convenient for Chinese I hope before you haven't been able to give you a bad impression

Welcom on italki Abril Jacob....

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