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Native English Speakers to edit/proofread children's stories


I know a Hungarian woman who has written several stories for children. She is working on translating them from Hungarian to English and seeks a native English speaker to proofread and correct the stories once she has translated them. 


If anyone is interested, please respond to this and we'll see about getting you two in touch. 


Thanks a lot :)



i am not a native speaker but i want to help her

I would love to help, Christie! I don't have any qualifications but it's something I want to practise for the future :)


My fiance is actually an aspiring writer (he has a couple of stories published). He's a native speaker, and we often do translations together. So he has experience in this kind of work. Let me know if you're friend would be interested.


Viszlat! I am a published writer, writing mostly for kids, with experience in both proofreading and the odd translation (from French, though.) If your friend is interested, I would be most willing to work with her on her project. Send me a message if she'd like more info or to get in touch.

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