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French movies??

Recently, I started watching french movies to practice my French listening skills, and I came across many greeaaaat movies, any tip for what French movie to watch next??



I'll start first,

 .The Intouchables: the greatest French movie everr!!!!!! if you haven't watched this movie then you haven't watched anything!!!
 .Amelie: abit old but a great movie!!
 .Les choristes: great story, great music!!

Yeah, i watched these movies too. they were all pretty good :)

You should try "La Haine" it's a black and white drama, great piece of urban cinema.

Or "La Boum": a nice french  comedy 

And "Léon" a great action/drama movie with Jean Reno, one of my favourites.

Well,to be exact it's a french-american movie, but you can watch it in french.


You should definitely watch...

commes un chef , comedy movie that I really enjoy and even more because I like to cook.

Monsieur lazhar , not exactly French , it's actually canadian but I loved that movie.

poulet aux prunes 

de rouille et d'os 


polisse , a great comedy/drama movie you must watch ! 

it's cool movies in French.
I am French and I want to see movies in English VO.
Where can I see?

Un diner de cons is very funny


Eyes Without a Face

Tell No One is an easy to watch thriller. Sarah's Key is a great film, but only half is in French.

You can try "Astérix et Obélix - Mission Cléopatre", "Nos jours heureux", "Les Visiteurs" or "Neuilly, sa mère!". Very funny.

"Le Grand Bleu", "Taxi", "Le Cinquième élément".


don't forget french podcasters , those can be pretty hilarious..

"Qu'est ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu?" It's a new french movie I saw a few month ago in a french cinema. Really really funny! French people are crazy, they always make such a funny movies. 

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