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There have been a few posts lately as well as personal questions by people looking for resources for learning Hebrew.  So I decided to put a summary of resources that have personally helped me.  Some of these I have posted before but I added more helpful resources, and kept them all together to have one list vs many.  I hope some will be a blessing to you.


Learning the Alphabet and reading vowels

units 1, 2 have exercises with sound, here I learned to pronounce the alphabet and to read vowels.


Very beginner level game course
In each level press on the video item to play the short video, then do the games.
Next level game course
Each level has many stages on the left-hand side, you click the next stage to move on.


The Hebrew University has some free material here:
Various material from beginner level learning the alphabet to intermediate and advanced level, as well as help for pronunciation. There is a description of each item next to it.
The website is currently under re-construction and some things currently don’t work like they should. If you try something and it is strange, try again in a month or two.
Right now I am enjoying their “Running Story” program, it is fun, but not for the very beginner, you have to wait till you can read a bit. I did also all the “The Verb” course to learn all the binyanim of the verbs (high beginner to intermediate level). It really helped me, it is fun, full of games. Right now it is not functioning - under construction, but I would check in the near future to see if it is up and running again as it is very helpful.


Short Vocabulary Videos - Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio – learn basic vocabulary with good pronunciation


Vocabulary match game – learn basic vocabulary with pronunciation
Choose “learn”, choose “Hebrew”, choose a category, click on each card for pronunciation.


Vocabulary lists with pronunciation
Here if you scroll down a little you have a list of categories. If you press on a category you can find a list of words. If you press on the little arrow for each word you can play the sound.
(By the way, I took the first three ulpanim with this group, with a private teacher, and it was very good, their teaching material makes you learn easily without stress, not overloaded with heavy grammar, but easy to follow, and they teach you to read without vowels from the start)


Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio - Learn Hebrew Videos (Short videos on various topics with short phrases pronounced well)
Also try this link by the same people:

Verb chart book for intermediate or advanced level, or very very keen beginner.
It comes with a DVD of 3 example verbs per binyan. It contains a list at the back with all the commonly used verbs and many less common verbs, so you can find what declination chart they follow, and how they should be pronounced properly. Extremely helpful if you want to learn the proper declination of verbs, irregular verbs, proper vowels and whether there should be a dagesh or not etc... I use it all the time I would not want to be without it.


Recording of the Bible read for you
This recording of the Bible read in Hebrew (Tanach / Old Testament only) was prepared by the Central Library for the Blind in Israel. You can hear a sample of it, Genesis ch 1 for free here:
If you like reading the Bible, and you want to hear a truly excellent reading to help you learn to read, this man reads perfect according to the proper reading of Biblical Hebrew (which is occasionally slightly different than the customary modern Hebrew pronunciation). This recording is perhaps expensive, but to me it is well well well worth it, I listen to it every day, I read my Hebrew Bible and hear his reading, and then I practice reading on my own.

Note, there are also free readings out there, and some may be good. However I have a free one that I just can’t listen to because it sounds like empty religious chanting rather than meaningful reading. Whereas this man not only reads very properly, but also with meaning, I get right into his reading.


Learning to read - Reading the Bible in Hebrew
This is for someone who is still slow at reading and cannot follow Bertonov's reading of the Bible because it is too fast. This CD has slow reading as well as regular speed, but it is only 3 or 4 chapters of Genesis, just to help you get started with Bible reading when you are still slow. This man also reads well.


Hebrew Bible text online with parallel English translation KJV
On the far right hand side you can choose the book and chapter. If you don’t have a Hebrew Bible this can be handy, especially if you want to get the recorded Bible and need a text to read from.


Hebrew Bible text without translation
You can choose from three green buttons, if you want to see the biblical accents press the left-hand choice. This website is great also for Bible searches of words, use the חיפוש tool at the top.


Listen to some Bible teaching in Hebrew!
(This site is by Israeli Jews who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of Israel, who came first to atone for the sins of His people, and will return to establish His kingdom. If you disagree, well... here is plenty of material to invite you to search the Scriptures in depth, plenty of teaching on all kinds of topics).

Whether you agree on their view or not, there is plenty of listening to Hebrew here. I listen with my online dictionary open on my screen and I look up words that I don’t understand, and I write down sentences that help me with grammar. I learn plenty on here, not only about the Bible, but also Hebrew. I am currently listening to the series on Moadim by J Shullam, to the series on Mashiach ben-Yosef by Udi Zofef, and on the Gospel of Grace by Aviram Eldar. All three well worth it! And you can write to them to ask questions. If you are interested in this type of material I have more links to other interesting sites, you can write to me.


If you are interested in messianic music mostly in Hebrew try this, online radio:

I listen to Hebrew music while memorizing my Hebrew vocabulary.


Well, hopefully a thing or two will help you in this list of resources!

Blessings to you all.



Thank you so much!!!!  

Hi, Lydia, I have a question. I opened this one:Very beginner level game course, but I dont know how to play it. Could you teach me?

It is hard to find a language partner for hebrew language so I guess I have to start studying it on my own but I don't have any material or resources.. I am really grateful for your post. Thank you so much!


תודה רבה!

This site ( works not in mozilla firefox or google chrome.

In Internet Explorer works ok.


Valuable indeed! Thanks.


Thanks for all the comments. I am glad that others also can enjoy some of the material.  : )


Regarding the Verb Park:

I have been using the Verb Park and it is working fine again. 

(as I mentioned above, free material for intermediate or advanced level, to learn verbs, by the Hebrew University)

I use Internet Explorer.  Sometimes when I enter the verb park and I start an excercise some of the letters come up outside their proper frames... all I have to do is to press the little icon that has the broken page symbol at the top of Internet Explorer next to the page address, and that re-loads the page in a slightly different way and that fixes the problem for me, I just have to re-enter the verb park and this time all works fine.





Note, you might want to activate Hebrew on your computer if you have not already, for your Hebrew study... usually it is included with your computer but you have to activate it... on my computer you do it like this: go to Control Panel, choose Keyboards and Languages, choose Change Keyboards, choose Add, go down to Hebrew, select the Keyboard, and tick it to add it. If you want to learn where the letters are to learn how to type you can see that in Preview. You will find that once you added the language a little toggle button will appear on the taskbar on the bottom of your computer screen. In whatever program or webpage you are you can choose Hebrew for that page or program and you can type in Hebrew directly.  Does that ever make life easier!!  (You can also choose a shortcut with keys to switch between English and Hebrew.)  And in some programs you can also choose to add Hebrew to the spell-checker, like for example in Windows Live Mail.


This was neatly compiled. Thank you so much for taking time in sharing these with us.


You are very welcome, Angelou, my pleasure : )

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