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Defining america.

America is the new continent, this is since Alaska until Patagonia, Argentina. America isn´t one country, America is several countrys. 


I'm live in México, therefore I'm live in America :)

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara was born in Argentina, therefore, he's americans 


do you understand?



Каждая часть света, хороша по своему.


I've heard a few people complain that the USA is shortened to just 'America' but in English if you want to talk about all the continent or continents you could say North America or South America or the Americas for all of it.

America is the new continent, from Alaska, USA to Patagonia, Argentina. America isn´t a one country. America has several countries.

I live in México, therefore I live in America :)

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara was born in Argentina, he's American.

Do you understand?

Yep, I believe we should say USA not america and united statesian not american.

I would like to live in Roosevelt Island.


I am American,South American. I am from Uruguay.

Peruvians,Brasilians, Chileans, Canadians, citizens of the United Sates of America, we are all Americans.

You know what , I have a similar interesting story whcih I want to share with you . I recalled  I learned one thing in my textbook during my high school . I quote it "Columbus discovered the continent , America"  . I felt very strange as this continent is supposed to be existent for millions of years ,  far more than the history of human beings . Why should Columbus discover the continent ? Besides, at the  most , the aboriginal people should be the first discovery instead of foreign people  .  There is anything like your notion . American is not equivalent to the citizen of USA , however, when other people told me he is an american , I know where he is from. Many terms have been mistaken , but most people get used to that .


Indians are not people living in India all the time , is it right ?

@Allen Cristobal Colon was not discover America, he was invaded America.



Martin the wikipedia link you gave says 'Americas' not 'America'. I mean perhaps you can complain that English is not like your language with might assign America as the continent but that's not how it works in English.

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