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What do you think about Indonesia?

What do you think about Indonesia?



Великая страна.

The world's largest archipelagic country consisting of 17,504 islands with more than 300 ethnic groups who speak about 740 languages. Full of color :D

Nice people :D

We call Indonesia is Nam Dương in Vietnamese.

I would like to know Indonesia someday. It seems to be a good country. =)

There is nothing but extreme hot .

As much as i love Bali, the first thing that comes to my head when i think of indonesia is the annexation of Dutch new guinea by the Suharto administration with Operation Mandala, may 1962.

Which obviously i do not approve of for the same i do not approve of Israel annexing Filistin (Palestine), India not letting of of Kashmir. Sinhalese oppression of Tamils in Srilanka. The oppression of Roma people in Europe. The resources of africa being leeched out by European union and the west. And American screwing around in Latin America and Middle East.

I think within the human context, New Guinea belongs to the papuans, melanesians and austronesians. This is my beef with Indonesia and Indonesians.

Don't get me wrong, i have my own beef with New guineans with their witch hunts and extreme violence against women and children. But that's irrelevant here.

thank you so much for youre comment,

I have known very little information about Indonesia. I know that island Bali is very beautiful island with beautiful nature. But I don't know. Is it easy live for European women in this Islamic country?

judy @ are you ever come to bali island?

Friendly to the nature of Indonesian people and have an interest to the settlers. They always find the time to stop the move just say hello and meet strangers. so dont worry if you want come and live in indonesia country because you will feel enjoy and happy in my Indonesia Country, :)

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