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Do You Like Birthday Day?

In a few days it will be my birthday and I remember when I was a little I looked forward to that day because my mom made a cake and invited my neighbours. Years later, I waited that day because I wanted to be older to go out with friends. And now I feel that the time goes very quickly and the birthday day happens very often, but I'm happy as I will get some messages and phone calls from my best friends.



i used to like birthday when i was child, but when my family broken, i don't expert that day makes me remmember the sad memories. Anyway, it's the best day for our childhood ,right?


Hi Mila,

You told that it would be your birthday on the following day, Many happy returns ! I wish you happy and healty life.

I am so sorry, Nho that day remember you sad memories. I am sure your parents wanted that you was happy in your birthday day. I hope over time you change your opinion :)

Thank you very much, Sraa and Murat for your best wishes in advance. :)



i also used to like my birthday because in the begginning it was a funny day then i started to look for it because i want it to be older and now when i think about my birthday i wish it never comes because everytime you get older your responsibilities start to grow even if i just turned to be eighteen but i don't like the way that my life is going on

haha  my birthday is coming too, it's at 5 Oct.Happy birthday!(* ̄︶ ̄*)

Everyone would want an easy life but that is unreal as we should face with some difficult situation. Cheer up and enjoy the good things that is around you. Many thanks Sarah for your congratulations :)

Happy birthday to you too, Becca!!! :)

Happy Birthday ^^ I wish you all the best though personally I don't like having birthdays it reminds me that I'm getting old and getting old means more responsibilities and obligation T.T I wanna be young always where life is simple and happy but of course I don't want not to have birthday anymore because it means I'm dead lol.

Of course Doris, better alive than dead. Many thanks for your wishes !! :)

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