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How do you review and practice after conversational lessons?

It looks like most of the language teachers offer conversational lessons.

It would be a very good practice and a lot of fun to talk as much as possible

with teachers about any kinds of things during lessons.

Then, what about after the sessions? How do you review and practice by yourself?


By the way, I was supposed to take a lesson today, but my teacher didn't appear....





listen authentic and real conversation and imitate what u'd enjoy

Harper and Bruce, thank you for shareing your ideas with me. That would be very useful.

Aya, maybe your teacher can give you contacts of other students that are willing to practice their speaking. So you'd run some kind of "rehearsal" session.


Conversational lessons are awesome!

Afterwards, if your teacher didn't give you any homework then make your own homework up using what you just learned.


If you learned 5 new words, then come up with a new sencence or two using each of those new words.


That way when you hae your next lesson, you teacher can correct any problems and fully explain it. It's also FANTASTIC when student's come to a lesson with questions already prepared. Challenge yourself- listen to a song or watch a short video in your target language and I promise, you'll hear/see something that's unfamiliar. Bring this to your lesson and your class will become even more valuable.

Hi, Valentin. Thank you for your comment. I also think I should have someone to practice with. The more we practice, the more we become better. 


Hi, altini. Thank you for your suggestions. You reminded me that I should be more active about learning and that it would be very valuable to try to make good use of a lesson.

You are bound to reflex your learned words phrases or sentences by looking up a dictionary to get retained in your brain . Not only single word , but also you require more time and effort to digest phrases or sentences into your mind . Try to make more sentences with words you learned from your language partners or teachers . If you just practice without any revision , your English cannot make a huge progression . During a demanding process of conversation , it is not possible for you to think deep into your speaking and listening . I am deeply convinced every learner should cherish every moment to practice with your partners , but again , not ignore brush up after your lessons by any means .


my preference is to agree a 'base' topic beforehand, expecting both teacher and student to prepare - perhaps a podcast or a news item within the reach and interests of the student, or attuned to the student's goals.

for follow-up I like to ask the student to scrape the text for new vocabulary (which I text during the session) commit to a spreadsheet or other, and prepare a nonsense paragraph or two including the new vocab; review the vocab and pronunciation issue next session.

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