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foreign words in English

Hi everyone

What foreign words do you have in American English?

for example in Farsi we have: Yes , Ok etc. and they're usually in English.

So what about English? what words were entered in English and from which countries?




Words that have been taken from Latin include;

Abdomen, actor, agriculture, creditor, crisis, December, demonstrator, dictator, dilemma, diploma,
distribute, doctor, dogma, drama, duplex, duplicate, echo, educator, ego, editor, elevator, emphasis,
exterior, exit, enema, exterminate, extra, exterior, extreme,factor, favor,fetus,focus,formula,fungus,
genius, gladiator, geranium, gusto, honor, horizon, horror, humor, icon, idea, ignoramus, illustrator,
incubator, index, inertia, inferior, insomnia, instructor, inferior, inspector, investigate, janitor, labor,
junior, legislate, liberate,major,minor,maximum,medium,minimum,minister,minus,minor,
moderator,monitor,motor,museum, narrator, nausea, navigator, neuter,masculine, feminine, object,
opera, orator, peninsula, perpetrate persecute, person, petroleum, platinum, possess, prospect,
quantum, quota,radius,ratio,recipe,saliva,senator,senior, junior,simile,sinister,sinus,stadium.


Look at this website there are more than you initially think. We borrow words all the time! :)


Hope you find this interesting :)


Oh my God!

how many foreign words do you borrow????!!!!

anyway thanks.It was really helpful.

This article may be of interest to you:



Hi Neil thank you.

Is this link you gave me correct? I mean for exampe you have "Bibi" or "baksheesh" in English?

It's really funny!

English is a mongrel language.  It has thousands upon thousands of words which were taken from other languages.

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