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Do you think that being honest is good?

I'm honest. Very honest. I can't conceal my think or emotion. My friends tell me that it's one of my advantages. They feel comfortable and humanity when they're with me.

However, I think honesty is not that good. What if a bad person expect my behavior and take advantage of me?

Do you think honesty is good for yourself?



Honesty is very important ,but it doesn't mean we have to be honest to everyone

not in all situations....just it is always good to be honest with yourself

I perceive you had better be honest to yourself rather than everybody . I do not think honest is the absolute rule you have to follow .You are reliable and friends like you . That is good for you only that some frauders intend to frame you .You should be more flexible to those people who are not so familiar . You do not have to be honest to everyone really , yet , you must be honesty to yourself anyway

yeah I do appreciate honest people BUT it depends on how honest they are I mean the way they are being honest , sometimes , people will find it rude while it's not , why ? Because of the way we are being honest , i hope you got my point ^_^

You shouldn't be completly honest or dishonest. Depending upon the situation, you've to act. Your honesty (dishonesty) shouldn't either hurt for good people or benefit for bad people.


The great Indian ancient thinker Kautilya said that - " A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first  " 


And he also says that, " “Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous” 



" A lie is more comfortable than doubt, more useful than love and more lasting than truth"

_Gabriel Garcia Márquez.

Honesty and dishonesty can never be good or evil because there is no good or evil. No one needs to oblige you or owes you anything in this world. Hence, every time you expect anything, you do so in your own terms with risks.

You can know the truth but the truth should not be reflected in any time and anywhere



honesty is the best policy to live a life with prosperity 

this may cause problem sometimes but for short term but helps us for lone time in making us a noble person

there is a thought "I went on the search for the Bad Guy, Bad Guy I couldn't find
When I searched my mind, Non one is Nastier then Me"

honesty makes us high in the eyes of self and others..


honesty is very good attribute but not always , you should be honest with honest person just


as a Muslim i want to say that honesty is very important thing to us because we learn to tell the truth even if it's bad or good and don't get afraid of taking advantage of you because good things happen only for good people and that's a fact in my community


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