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Do you have a person who you want to forget?



I don't know that I have a person who I want to forget.But I know that I have persons who I don't want to forget in my life...

I think if you want to forget somebody, it is because he/she was important in your live and that hurts you.


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

The most handful in your life is memory , but yet , it is the most wonderful thing you can have . Since you brain was seared with that person's image who you would not think of  , It must be disturbance for you to think of that guy or that incident  . No matter you like or not , that picture is one part of your memory .  I saw some movie indicates that the memory can be erased by some machine , by a famous action actor ,I am really impressed its fantacy . Nonetheless , you cannot deny bad memory can also  teach you some lessons not to make the same mistake . Besides , memory could be the best thing for your life . In your life time , I guess you must have some precious memory to be treasured so much . Needless to say , it is one thing with both sides . It depends upon how you think of it .  It is very contradictory to determine if you are going to erase your memory if erasing memory is the case .


yeah I do but it seems impossible to forget maybe because I could love people faster than anybody else around me I don't know if that's a good thing or not ! 

mustafa* lucky you)

marta* just like me)

angie* exactly)

ana crisitna silva* absolutely)

allen* was so inetersting to read your comment)

tiny* sure good - ability to love is woneful)

thank you all for nice comments













as for me i cannot because i like all the people i know , but if my friend forget me i will delete him from my life .

malik* i m so sorry that i deleted you from my skype))


i remembered you now , when i put comment didnt know you maybe because you changed your picture
Previous image was better haha . have a good night .

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