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looking for a Chinese language partner


Hello! I'd like to find a Chinese (Mandarin) language partner for speaking practice via skype. My level is very elementary, but I'm keen on improving. By the way, you don't need to prepare anything, I normally use the dialogues from my textbooks for practice. I can offer help with your Russian/English/French in return. Ideally, I'd like to meet up twice a week for an hour (30 min Chinese x 30 min your target language). And I'd prefer the afternoon (China time).

If you're interested, please send me a message. Please tell me about yourslef, your level in your target language and time available. Hope to find a reliable person and set a mutually fruitful team :)



my chinese is very goodddddddddd,english is poor, is okkkkk?

Hi, I am a Chinese student ,in senior high school . I believe I can help your Chinese . I am looking for a language partner now. We can chat on Skype . My Skype ID is :nex lin. The only problem is I usually surf the Internet in the evening( Chinese time ). But I have time in weekend.


Hi,I'm a university student,a native Chinese speaker.I think I can help you with your Mandanerrin and I am finding a language partner who is a native English speaker. We can chat on Skype.My English level is about intermediate.If you have any problem about Mandarin,I am willing to help you.

我也是一名在校大学生,但是英语不怎么好,尽管我们不能流利的交流,但是,应该可以帮你学习中文的。哦。。。你应该看不懂吧,好吧,自言自语了。Chinese is a good elegant language,Holp you study hard and make progress every day。Good luck for you。

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