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First thing about India


What is the first thing comes to your mind when you think about India ?




Yes, its a serious social issue but now people are talking more openly.


I just also wanted to state that if you start a discussion 'what is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about country/people X', do not complain when you get stereotype answers.--- M_rk_s





 This is a legitimate viewpoint.  In fact, not merely rape, but Gang Rape  that is so much publicized of late does come immediately to mind.


 Otherwise, if I think of  India prior to the events in the New Media, as  images pertaining to Hinduism,  Yogis, and the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, and The Vedanta Philosophy.



i dont know any information

every nations has its own negative. one not highlight it to hate it. rape is everywhere in world. in your country no rapes occur? you people divorce more yous wife after few time and your child on road, this is bigger punishment than rape. indians never leave his wife hand till the death.   


I love my country, proud to be indian. India is great. 


First to my mind- Bollywood films, spice foods :) 




"every nations has its own negative. one not highlight it to hate it. rape is everywhere in world. in your country no rapes occur? you people divorce more"---GudKuti


 That is a misrepresentation of the discussion  about "first thing of India".


  The paramaters of the discussion topic were set in the Initial Post, and not by the respondents.


    Moreover, your argument is a common logical error designated the False Dichotomy.

In other words, you employ Black and White thinking, postulating extremes, when extremes are not the discussion topic, and "first thing" is the discussion topic.


   Therefore, when you say that Rape--Is--Everywhere---In--Our---World, the paramater WORLD is a misrepresentation of the discussion topic. The topic is India, and not, as you suggest,  India  and the world.


 Again, the paramaters of the discussion were set in the initial post.

That is why it is an errant reasoning to suppose that anything occurring in the world, is of specific relevence to the discussion topic.


      What the initial post   asks for, is not objective data about India, but  Subjective impressions  which come to mind when people think about India.  


  M_rk_s  was rather clear about the difficulties inherent   when the First Thing which impresses upon his mind is an unpleasant subject.  Any person publishing a generalized post like this one, does not set parameters, nor even a suggested parameter for the discussion.


 It is not objective to change one discussion into another,  or to criticize first things   by  association.




I'll contribute something more benign, hm?


The first thing that popped into my mind was spices. Then dun-coloured cows with broad horns, swaths of colourful saris and lilting accents.


the first thing dancing and spices and beautiful saris


Bollywood, singing and dancing.. Girls with beautiful eyes.. lots of pretty actress but I never seen an actor which I can say he is handsome.



P.S to....

I'd rather have a divorce than to be raped. 


Thanks every body for contribution.


Indian films. Disco dancer and so on.

And Jungle Book also.

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